Massage Available By Appointment ...   Call Home and office at:  573-486-2510 OR Cell: 573-291-7467.
Cam PPO Provider

Nancy Satre LMT # 2001007724
Massage Practitioner Since 1996

Research has shown that massage loosens muscle tension, increases circulation and calms the nervous system.  There are simple effects that can help with many conditions. Therapeutic massage can: Relieve pain from tight muscles ....Improve health and mobility of joints....Relieve itchy dry skin....Enhance restful sleep....Reduces swelling from excess water retention....Speed healing from injuries or surgery....Ease breathing....Increase vitality, energy and mental alertness.

Nancy has completed Level 1 Touch for Health Kinesiology, which included muscle testing and acupressure points.

The highest standards of professional conduct are maintained providing services in an ethical and professional manner in compliance with the State of Missouri Board of Therapeutic massage.



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